Donasi Sahabat UGM

Donasi Sahabat UGM

The momentum of UGM's development as a World Class University encourages UGM to expand the scope of impacts of its business processes that include education, research, and community service. In order to support the development of UGM as a World Class University, the philanthropic support from partners of organizations and individuals and alumni, which we call as Friends of UGM, is very necessary because of UGM's limitations in providing material and nonmaterial resources independently or from the government. The Sahabat UGM Program was developed to provide the widest possible opportunity for organizational partners and individuals and alumni who wish to contribute to the development of UGM.

As a donor you can choose:

1. Your contribution area

You may choose to contribute your resources to the university, faculty, or school that you are interested in.

2. Target your contribution

You can choose a contributing goal that includes some of the things below and you can contribute to the program in each of the goals that interest you.

- College student

- Academic

- Research, Publishing, and Community Service

- Infrastructure

3. How you contribute

With or without a cooperation agreement we will facilitate those needs. Furthermore, your contributions can be given in the form of money, goods, and services. If you choose to contribute in the form of money, UGM Friend may choose the transfer method, check, or via credit card. While the contribution in the form of goods and services will then we follow up by contacting Sahabat UGM via e-mail or phone as soon as you register your contribution form.

4. How much will be contributed

Each contribution makes a difference.

Who can contribute?

1. Alumni

As your alumni your contribution is similar to passing UGM's goodwill heritage to your siblings at UGM as well as equipping them with the necessary needs in navigating college life and preparing for life afterwards.

2. Organizational partners and individuals

As the best, oldest and oldest public university in Indonesia UGM became one of the references to various social problems of the nation. Organizational partners and individuals see the strategic role to be able to support UGM to not only help UGM, its partners as well as see it as an opportunity to contribute to the nation and state.

3. UGM staff

As staff at UGM, you also have an active potential to build UGM. You can help to develop academic opportunities for students, research, community service, and other social and economic strengths owned by UMG. In addition through the portal Sahabat UGM you can also give your donation through automatic payroll deductions every month. Funds from automatic payroll deductions will be collected for the UGM Alumni Scholarship Fund. With regard to payroll deduction you can contact

Virtual Account Number: 8888800144021469 a.n UGM DKA DONASI UGM FRIENDSHIP

For more info, contact:

Directorate of Partnership, Alumni, and International Affairs, Gadjah Mada University

BLOK D-5 Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281

Phone: + 62-274-588688 ext 82525 | SMS: + 62-856-01533906 | E-mail:

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