Edible Amorphophallus in Indonesia

Edible Amorphophallus in Indonesia

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Kode Produk: Edible Amorphophallus in Indonesia

Penerbit : UGM Press

Penulis : Nobuo Sugiyama & Edi Santosa

This book covers the topics of botany, agronomy and genetic diversity of three edible amporphopallus species in Indonesia, A. paeoniifolius, A. mulleri and A. variabilis, as well as the contribution of amorphopallus cultivation to Indonesia rural society. There is little information available on edible amorphopallus species in Indonesia. Although it has been an important staple crop until 1960 and is now considered a potential industrial crop for agroforestry. Most of the younger generations have not experienced eating amorphopallus and the number of people who know of its cultivation is decreasing. Most Indonesian people including some agricultural extension workers, confuse amorphopallus could be useful to the younger generation Indonesia and could increase the use of amorphophallus plants.

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